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December 8, 2012
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BTTxReader- I Don't Care If I'm Selfish- P1

Gilbert's arm was around my waist. He was drunk again, and I had to drive him home like always, because he knew for a fact that I don't drink.

"Ahahahahaha!" Gilbert was laughing maniacally, and it was creeping me out.
"Bow down to my awesomeness!"
"Yes Mr.Awesome, but I have to drive you home first."

I shoved him into the backseat, and buckeled him up nice and tightly. I turned the radio on, and drove to his house in silence. Well it was silent except for him singing to the radio. Pulling up to his apartment, I exited my car, opened one of the back doors, unbuckled Gilbert, and pulled him out of the car. I slammed it shut, and locked my car by pressing a button on my car keys. I slid his arm over my shoulder, and together we walked to the front door. I presses the number to Gilbert's apartment with his two best buddies, or so he told me.

"Hola?" A fuzzy voiced asked.
"Hello, I have Gilbert with me, so can you buzz me in?"
"Oh yes of course, you can come right in."
"......That's Tono!" Gibert yelled into my ear.
"Yes, of course. Tono..."

I pulled open the door, and hauled Gilbert inside. Once inside, I remembered the worst thing about this building.... It was so cheap, it didn't even have an elevator. Fun...

After practically dragging Gilbert up four flights of stairs, I just dropped him in front of his apartment. I debated about leaving him there, but I figured it would just be too harsh. Anyways, it might be interesting to finally see inside Mr.Awesome's apartment since he's never shown me it before. I knocked on the door, and as soon as it opened Gilbert fell down.

"Hello, I came here to deposit your roomate." I said, trying to make a joke and break the silence.
"Gracias. You must be the one who always drops him off when he goes drinking by himself, si?"
"Yeah, that would be me. Designated driver." I said cheerfully. I always made jokes with people I didn't know.
"_____ is the BESSSSSSSST!" Gilbert said out loud to us on the floor.
"I better help him up." I said to Gilbert's roommate. I think he was "Tono" because that was his voice I heard outside the building.

I picked Gilbert up, and walked with him to his couch, where I laid him down. I saw a blanket laying on the floor, so I took it and laid it on top of Gilbert, making sure he would be warm. I turned around and saw the guy from before staring at me. He smiled and asked if I needed anything.

"I could eat." I never said no to free food.
"Sure, you can just raid the fridge if you want." I love this guy, he lets me raid his fridge.

I did raid their fridge, and ate about half of their food. I would make an excuse for myself saying how I wasn't a pig, but sadly I had no excuse.

"So I never knew that Gilbert had a cute chica drive him home any time he was drunk."
"More like every time. But yeah, Gilbert and I met around......" I paused to think for a minute. "Two, three months ago?"
Antonio was surprised, "What? But he never told us about you."
"Well, Gilbert never really told me about you guys. Only that he shared him apartment with his two best buddies."
"Hmmm...." Antonio said suspiciously. I knew what he was thinking, but said nothing.
"Well you're welcome to stay here tonight, since it's too dark to drive." He offered.
"Sure, I'll stay." I didn't ask for any pajamas, because I didn't want to make anything awkward.

I sat down on the couch next to Gilbert. I stole half of the blanket I laid on top of him before, and I turned on the T.V.. I made sure it was quiet though.

Well, I already know where this is going to lead, and usually I wouldn't get involved, but I'll just stay here to watch the fun.

Well my lovelies or whoever reads this, I shall make a new story! And don't worry, I'll still work on my other one.
Originally this was going to be a oneshot, but me being me, I made it into a big story.

Practically, you get to make your own choices. Cool huh? Every choice will be either good, bad, weird, or neutral.
Your bachelors to choose from is Gilbert, France, Antonio, and maybe a alt.character if I'm not too lazy :3

Well, enjoy my newest creation~ This one probably won't have as much cliffhangers as my other story, which for some of you is a relief. This will have more conflict between lovers, an hopefully a lot of choices.
But you don't get to choose yet.

Oh and, France's not in the story yet, because he's sleeping.

Written - Katrucha (Me)
Prussia, Spain, France - Himaruya
Picture - [link]
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