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January 14, 2013
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BTTxReader- I Don't Care If I'm Selfish- P2

You yawned while snugging into something under you. It's so squishy..... You opened your eyes, to see a sleeping Gilbert underneath you. I must've moved around in my sleep, like I usually do, and ended up on top of him. He squirmed a bit when you poked him, trying to wake him up, but after a few minutes you got bored and rolled of him and the couch with your blanket, and landed on the floor. Ouch, that hurt.

Picking yourself up off of the ground, you noticed that Antonio was passed out on another couch. You picked up your blanket from the floor, and placed it ontop of him. You made your way into their kitchen, figuring everyone would like you more if you made breakfast for them. Let's see, how about I make some french toast and coffee? Or pancakes? Or waffles? Or eggs and bacon? Gilbert likes bacon. What to make, what to make. You decided on making all of them, figuring that whatever they didn't eat, they could just put it in the fridge for later.

Starting on the coffee first, you made french vanilla and turned it on. You could hear the coffee pouring as you started whisking some batter for the pancakes. While the pancakes were cooking, you got out two more pans, and started cooking the bacon and eggs. You made the waffles as well, and while everyone was still asleep, you finished cooking everything, set the table, and made everything ready so that they could just wake up and eat away. What you didn't count on was that they all were late sleepers, so you waited at least half an hour before you heard someone waking up. Looking around, you noticed Gilbert and Antonio were still on the couches, so they weren't the ones awake. That only left one more person, which was their other roomate that you had yet to meet.

You heard a faucet turn on, and you figured that they were just freshening themselves up. You felt awkward. How should I react when he comes down? Should I act like I own the place? Should I say anything, or nothing at all? You had no time to decide however, because soon the third roomate walked into your view. It was a handsome long haired blond man with stubble, who looked French. He was wearing silver silk pajamas, and rubbed his eyes as he sat down at the table. You figured he was either very sleepy, since he didn't even notice you, or that he did notice you and didn't care at all.

"Good morning. Would you like some breakfast?" You asked him politely. See usually you didn't suck up to people, but you really did want to make a good first impression.

He was silent for a minute before tiredly answering, "....Oui."

You picked up a plate and set it in front of him. "All of the food is already on the table, so you can grab whatever you want. Would you like some coffee as well?" You asked, and he nodded his head silently.

Is he quiet like that all the time? Or is it only when he's tired? If he turns out to be anything like Gilbert... then I really am going to appreciate it when he's quiet like this. You thought.

You poured him a cup of hot coffee, stirred in milk and sugar, and set it in front of him. You watched as he picked up some eggs, and then he looked up at you lazily.

"Tu as couché avec un de mes colocataires?" He asked in French.


"Est-il Antonio ou Gilbert?"

"What do you mean?"

He switched to English once he woke up a bit more. "Oh, sorry. So which one is it?"

You looked at him confused. "Which one is what?"

"Which one did you-"

"Heyyyy! Francis! Can I talk to you por un segundo, por favor?" Antonio practically lept up off of the couch. You didn't even know he was awake.

"Oui.~" He turned to me before saying, "Nice to meet you...."

"_____. My name's _____."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.~"

You blushed. "Thank you. It was nice to meet you too Francis."

Francis winked at you before walking into the kitchen with Antonio.

I wonder what they're talking about? Ahhh! I wanna know so bad! Suddenly, you felt like you should listen in on their conversation. No! I barely even know them, I can't eavesdrop on them! Maybe I should just wake Gilbert up instead.... You had no idea what to do.

Should I eavesdrop? Or wake up Gilbert?
This series is a choose your own love~
Will you get the Awesome Prussia? The Passionate Spain? Or the Romantic France?

Start From Beginning?……
Wake Gilbert…

The next part~! And this time you get to choose! But now, I have to write the choices.... :3 Only 2 choices, because it's the beginning.
Now, choose between eavesdropping or waking up Gilbert~! (but not yet, 'cause I still have to write them)
Thanks for reading~!

Written - Katrucha
Prussia, Spain, & France - Himaruya
Picture -…
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